Diced and milled

Product : Milled Roasted Hazelnut
Origin: Georgia 2011 Harvest
Smell:: Smell peculiar to fresh roasted hazelnuts, without extraneous
Colour: From honey-yellow up to light brown
Taste: Taste peculiar roasted hazelnuts, without extraneous smacks, absence of rancid smack.
The size groats: 0 2 mm 2 4 mm - max 12% deviation
Stones, Metal: 0%
Plastic, Tree: 0%
Particles of a shell: 0.01% max
Moisture : 3.00.5%
The contents of free fat acids: 1.0 max
Peroxide : 1.0 max
Presence of alive wreckers:: not permitted
Packaging: 20 kg vacuum carton boxes.
Shelf Life: 12-18 Months from production date in a cool and dry environment