Hazelnut In Georgia

The main area of hazelnut plant location in Georgia is the costal regions of Black Sea - Samegrelo and Guria. The given climatic zone is similar to that where the major Turkish producers of the same product are located.

Herewith please find sorts of hazelnut grown in Georgia:

Anakliuri (Phutkuram) - (Zugdidi - Samegrelo region)

Ucha (Black Nut) - (Gali - Samegrelo region)

Khodji - (Zugdidi - Samegrelo region)

The types of hazelnut noted above make up about 95-98% of our total final product.

Shvelis Kura (Skveri) - (Samegrelo and Guria regions)

Badem (Lady's finger ) - (Samegrelo and Guria regions)

Gulshishvela - (Guria region)

Saivanobo - (Guria region)

Khachapura - (Guria region)

Chxikvistava - (Guria region)

Chincha - (Guria region)

Taking into account the specific characteristics and qualitative parameters of the raw material, our company is processing the hazelnut in shell only from Samegrelo region.