Hazelnut Inshell

Product Description: Inshell hazelnuts
Origin: Georgia 2011 Harvest
Size 21+ mm: 280-310 count/kg (Under over calibre +/-3% max)
Size 21+ mm: 360-410 count/kg
cracking yield: 41%
Defect and Empty: 8 pieces per 100
uneatable: 4
Texture: Solid
Broken Combined: 6% (Broken 2% max)
Foreign Matter: 0.25%
Shell fragments: 0.2% Max
Rancid,Rotten, Mouldy: 2.5% Max
Infestation: Absent
Flavour/ Texture: Hazelnuts have crisp firm texture, free of soft or rubbery nuts. They have typical of hazelnuts flavour free from off-flavours or taints.
Appearance: The material consist of whole inshell hazelnuts of an approximate even size. Product has a uniform mid-brown colour which is typical for the variety
Moisture : 6% max
Free Fatty Acids: 1.0% as Oleic Acid
Peroxide Value: 1 meq/kg max
Aflatoxin: Max 10ppb (B1 Max 5ppb)
PACKAGING: 1,000 kg Big Bags, 30/50 kg P/P Bags or as per contractual requirements.
SHELF LIFE: 12-18 Months from production date in a cool and dry environment.